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Exclusive Drama Review by K.Vivekshankar

No doubt, Mr. Mali has succeeded in putting across the minds of the audience to the unfortunate fact that our law only takes the sides of the rich, affluent and powerful community.

The Play begins with a scene in which a Judge delivers two verdicts, one convicting a common man who has not committed the crime and the other acquitting a politician who has actually taken bribe and accumulated wealth disproportionate to his income.

No doubt the title and this opening creates expectation among the audience and when they begin to feel that further proceedings will be on this line, the play takes a different route.

The play travels with the family of the Judge who has a daughter and a son-in-law living with him.  It is a happy family and the son-in-law is so attached to the daughter and obedient to the father-in-law.  As you might have expected, here also the son-in-law wears a mask and he has another woman married and living elsewhere.  After prolonged proceedings, the truth comes to light through the friend of the Judge who also happens to be a Judge.  Unable to escape, the son in law not only accepts but justifies his action and leaves the place.  The daughter vows to file a case and punish him for bigamy and pulls out at the last minute saying that the second wife offered to handover the child about to be born and pleaded to stop action against the husband.

In between the proceedings of the story, there comes a scene in which a reporter interviews the Judge and makes lot of questions about the effectiveness of our law, law administration and implementation.  Though this lengthy scene appeared to be a forced insertion, Mali reflects the minds of the public in questioning the functioning of our judiciary.  Through the reporter he mentions that a Lower Court Judge who erred in his judgment is not accountable or punishable.

While it is appreciated that the author of the play has raised such questions in the minds of the people, it is also to be noted that the law of our land is intact and only its misuse proves to bring misery.

If only Mr. Mali chosen to edit the repeated dialogues, he could have avoided the slow pace of the proceedings.

Performances of the artists were more than average and technical support sufficed the requirements.

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