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Drama Reviews – “ARDHA NARI”

Drama Review sent by a theatre lover for the play “Ardha Nari” by Srivathson presented by Dummies Drama, Chennai during Summer Drama Festival at Chennai:

ARDHA NARI  –  Drama Review by M.V. Vijayakumar

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is the metaphor, John Gray used as title in his book 20 years back to explore man-woman relationship.

Dummies, “Ardha Nari” presents a different perspective.

Man-woman relationship, particularly Husband and Wife relationship is more complex and a subject matter of extensive and intensive research.  Both sociological and psychological factors have influence on this deep yet delicate relationship.  In-laws are no more the only villains of peace.  The arrival of educated emancipated globetrotting  middle class women has altered the rules of the game disturbing the traditional equilibrium.  Husband is no more the Boss, not even the first among equals.  Parity in everything is the new norm.  Impulsive matrimony and instant divorce is a style statement.

Through their new play, “Ardha Nari” Dummies presents the synthesis of masculine power and feminine energy.  Srivatsan is right when he says, “Ardha Nari is not just a metaphor”.

Srivatsan is adept in dovetailing the main concept with fine screenplay, punch dialogues, imaginative characterization.  He has good vocabulary and a corresponding sensitivity to nuance.  This play also conforms to their benchmark.

The concept is contemporary.  Screenplay well structured.  Dialogues well timed, contextual and expository.  Srivatsan’s dialogues about ardha nari concept and its relevance for today’s warring couples is expository and highlights his conviction.

Appa Sridhar with his random one-liners impresses.  Star of this play is the effervescent anusha epitomizing the globe trotting educated middle class girl of new India – Awesome.  Certainly Nithya is the best new find of the season.  Krishna is talented and rightly in dummies camp.  Prema as Lawyer/counsel does a nice job.

Dummies never disappoint, yet something is missing – yes where is Giri?

  1. Palanichamy
    July 22, 2010 at 4:54 am

    Sir, In dummies, Script is the hero(ine). Giri Sir opted was there in Drama. You didnt notice him. Why no Comment about background music? His music was amazing.

    • July 22, 2010 at 11:32 am

      the review was written by a theatre lover like you and it should be treated as his views. thanks for sharing your views

      k. vivekshankar

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