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KREA from US comes to Chennai with a Tamil play, “Thanimai”


KREA was launched by Dheepa Ramanujam in 2001 in California with her husband TA Ramanujam and their friend Naveen Nathan. Since then, it has grown in strength to become the most sought after Indian theater group in North America. Krea has  staged over 30 shows In North America since their inception. Krea is possibly the only Indian Theater group from North America to stage their productions in India and compete with the main stream theater groups . They have more than 20 shows to their credit in India. They have performed in all major sabhas in Chennai and their earlier plays have won critical acclaim from the Press and audiences.

Dheepa in "Shruthi Bedham" by Anand Raghav

Krea has staged 9 productions so far, 6 in Tamil and 3 in English. English plays include Seeds and Flowers, Pulitzer award winning Rabbit Hole, and an adaptation of an award winning movie Let’s Talk. Tamil Plays include different genres ranging from Political Satire to Comedy to Psychological thrillers to Social Dramas.


Written by Anand Raghav and directed by Dheepa Ramanujam, Thanimai is a masterful portrayal of the life of a lonely and disheartened old man who discovers the way to live his life cheerfully.
The play switching between settings of the sixties and the present, received very good response for the technical brilliance. Thanimai, spanning a period of forty years with a novel concept of two actors playing the same role, is a full-length show with depth, humor and entertainment.

Thanimai was inaugurated in 2003 (two full house shows) in Bay Area and in 2009 Krea was asked to stage Thanmai in Houston for the 2nd Tamil Drama Festival.

The overwhelming response in Houston made KREA to take the production to India


Krea is planning to stage this play for 2 weekends. The shows will be performed at the leading and prestigious Sabhas in Chennai.

  • July 16th – Karthik Fine Arts  at Mylapore Fine arts Club, Mylapore, 6:45 PM
  • July 17th –  Narada Gana Sabha, Alwarpet, 6:45 PM
  • July 18th – Krishna Gana Sabha, T. Nagar – Special Show at 10:30 AM
  • July 18th – Hamsdawani, at Youth Hostel, Indra Nagar, 6:45 PM
  • July 23rd – Brahma Gana Sabha at PS Senior secondary school, Mylapore, 6:45 PM
  • July 24th – South Zone Cultural center and Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha at Vani Mahal, T. Nagar – 6:45 PM
  • July 25th – Vael’s International school, Injambakkam – 6 PM

Director’s Profile

Dheepa Ramanujam, the founder and artistic director of Krea, started her career in the media industry as a TV host. She has acted in many popular Television-serials, including Premi by the renowned director K.Balachander.  Around that time, Dheepa was introduced to the Stage by Bombay Gnanam of Mahalakshmi Ladies group

Dheepa has directed and produced a few short films recently and they are being submitted to the film festivals around the world. One of the films, Sunset won it’s first award in Calaa’s Digital short film festival as the Best Narrative. Dheepa worked as Script Supervisor in Achamundu Achamundu, a Tamil feature completely shot in NJ. She also worked in Kadhai , a feature film to be released on Jan 29th.

In addition, Dheepa has produced a documentary for an educational institute – both in Tamil and English, which was well received by educationists and students from all over Tamil Nadu. She has also directed a documentary series on temples in Madurai for Vijay TV.

She has the distinction of being one of the five female TV host who appeagold briefly in Rajini’s Arunachalam.

After moving to US she took courses on Direction, Acting and make up for Theater and also on Film Production and Digital Filmmaking.

She founded Krea, with an intention of producing quality plays with a mix of Indian tradition and western techniques.

Dheepa has directed 9 full length plays and many small skits for adults as well as children. She has taken the productions to San Diego, New Jersey, Sacramento, Edmonton, Canada and also to India.

Playwright’s Profile

Anand Raghav, has made significant contributions in Short stories, Stage plays and research articles on History and Culture.  A regular writer for   “Ananda Vikatan”, where he has won the prestigious Muthirai Kathai award four time, the and  all other leading Tamil Magazines like Kalki, Amudhasurabi, Kalaimagal, Vadakku Vaasal and Kumudam.

Anand raghav has published over 50 short stories so far. Ten out of his short stories have won prizes in various short story competitions in Chennai.   One of his  story  has been selected as the best story for the month of July 2004 by the prestigious institution “Ilakkiya Sinthanai” and two of  his stories  have also been translated in Telugu.

He has published two books – The first , a collection of  his short stories and the second, titled “ Ramakien”  is a comparative study of  Indian Ramayanas with the Thai and other South East Asian Ramayanas.  He is currently working on the third book, a research work, on the Hindu and Indian influence on the History and Culture of South East Asian countries.

He has  also written several short plays and three full length plays for  Krea creations.  Thanimai would be his second play staged by Krea in Chennai.

Contact : Dheepa Ramanujam            Phone : 99622 99688            dramanujam@yahoo.com



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