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Chennai theatre veteran Mithran no more

News courtesy: The Hindu

With the passing away of Mithran Devanesan, Chennai has lost one of its best-known figures in the English theatre scene. In a life in theatre spanning over 35 years, Mithran directed around 150 plays, and was involved in one capacity or another in at least 350 productions.

Born in Sri Lanka in 1952, Mithran joined the Madras Players in 1974. He acquired a reputation as a talented director and an expert set designer quickly. Around ten years ago, he founded his own theatre group, MTC Productions. Among the well-known plays he directed were ‘Midnight Hotel’, ‘Funny Money’, ‘Anna Weiss’, ‘Seven Steps Around the Fire’ and ‘Dance Like a Man’.

In 2006, he directed ‘The Shadow Box’ for The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest, a play which was very well received.

Over the years, a number of plays staged for the Fest relied on his sets.

What he was possibly most proud about was The Anjar Project, a non-Government organisation that takes care of some 500 underprivileged city children, and helps run a shelter for battered women.

Says Indrani Krishnaiyer, who acted in about a dozen of his plays: “Mithran was the most dynamic theatre director I have worked with. He was willing to see the actors’ point of view and bring out the best in each of them. He had the ability to read a script, and almost instantly visualise the entire play in his head.”

According to Mohammed Yusuf, actor: “Mithran gave every actor space to explore his/her role and improve it.”

“Mithran was a theatre guru to all of us. He will be missed very dearly,” says Gopi Nair, treasurer, The Madras Players.

  1. August 17, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Vivek, I am not sure if you or any of the readers have met Mithran. He is such a wonderful person. I will not forget my first meeting with him at Amethyst.

    I got to know him better when we got an opportunity to host him at my place to train the 5 actors I handpicked to learn from Mithran.

    When Madhu and I came to know that he was suffering from cancer, we called him and he was so cheerful and told us that he was taking some Tibetean medicine and he would be normal in a few months. He even suggested that he would like to come back to my house, sleep on the couch,(He refused to sleep upstairs saying his snoring would disturb our sleep) would like to go to Mythai restaurant and more than that he wanted to direct me.

    I am feeling so guilty that I never invited him to watch Thanimai. I wanted to invite him but somehow missed!!!

    Our condolences to the family and friends. RIP Mithran. I will surely miss you.

  2. August 18, 2010 at 11:23 pm

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