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Mali felicitated at Erode

The verdict is …


Sattam Yaar Pakkam,’ by Mali, pointed out the innumerable loopholes in the judicial system.

Splendid endeavour:(Top): Dramatist Mali (left) being felicitated by E.R. Chandran, president, Erode Tamizh Isai Sangam. And (above): A scene from the play, Sattam Yaar Pakkam.

The Erode Tamil Isai Sangham presented ‘Sattam Yaar Pakkam,’ a Tamil drama by Kudanthai Mali, on July 25.

Mali, the dramatist, a golden jubilee celebrity, has deviated from the beaten track, and it pays dividends.

His characters have an unfailing humanity which makes them plausible, and keeps them within the ambit of our sympathy and admiration.

This drama brings with it new life, and the inspiration of fresh and splendid endeavour.

The story

Judge Vinod Kumar always takes pride in his moral judgments which totally depend on circumstantial evidences.

Because of this dogma once he incriminates an honest commercial officer who is punished on false grounds.

Even when this wrong judgment is pointed out at the end by the son of the commercial officer, Judge Vinod Kumar remains non-chalant because of his faith in the judicial system.

Judge Vinod Kumar’s son-in-law marries another woman as Vinod’s daughter has no children.

When Vinod and his daughter make an effort to seek justice through the court of law, the second wife proposes to leave her child with Vinod’s daughter and in return, begs her not to punish her husband.

The judge, who always takes pride in his judgments, is not able to make the next move because of this unexpected turn.

Mali has pointed out the innumerable loop-holes in the judicial system which decide the fate of the accused even when he or she is not guilty.

And the dramatist advocates a probe to find out remedial measures and to make the legal system the doctrine of universal salvation and universal atonement.

The credits

Ravikumar as the judge, Anandhi, as his daughter, and Maheswari, deserve to be lauded for their splendid portrayals on stage. Balaji, as the reporter, and K.V. Kumar as the son-in-law have done full justice to their characters.

Special mention has to be made about the scene that compares the current political administration with that of yesteryear.

Ram Chand Sethji! your acting is superb by all standards!

Kudos to Narasimha Bharati. He and the author Mali were recognised by the audience for their presentation and Tamil isai sangam, honoured them.

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