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K Vivekshankar’s Interview with Times of India on Dhanushkoti



Source : The Times of India – Chennai Times, 29th October 2010

Dhanushkoti has many firsts — besides never-before-seen sets and superb acting, it’s perhaps the first time that the audience will get to see rain on stage! The play, which is based on an incident that happens in the backdrop of the floods in Dhanushkoti in 1964, is the brainchild of K Vivekshankar.
“The concept of doing a stage play with rain in the backdrop came to my mind five years ago. But the Dhanushkoti tragedy was in my mind right from childhood as it happened when I was eight,” he recalls.

The director hopes that audiences would come in large numbers to savour the sheer delight of watching rain on stage. “From the audience’s point of view, rain is the USP of the play. But for me, it’s a character and an integral part of the script,” says the director, who heaps praises on his technical team and the theatre group Shraddha for supporting him. Another highlight of the play is that it has     utilised the entire   stage. “My set is almost 42 feet and occupies the entire stage,” states the director, who has done several other plays. “In fact, there’s also a fan on stage and even that plays a role in the script! There are some small things like that, which have not been tried in Tamil theatre before.” He adds, “The challenge in theatre is that it’s live and there’s an immediate connect with the audience.”

Celebrate Tamil theatre by   watching this play at Narada  Gana Sabha this evening at 7.

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