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Dhanushkoti Review in The New Indian Express

A Tamil play with a difference

Venkadesan S

First Published : 01 Nov 2010 11:02:00 PM IST,  Last Updated : 01 Nov 2010 12:20:27 PM IST

Source : The New Indian Express dated 1st Nov 2010

If you are bored of cliched Tamil plays with mundane plots and not-so-charming sets, then you should have watched Dhanushkoti that was staged at Narada Gana Sabha, in the city recently.

Kudos to Vivekshankar and the new theatre group Shraddha for having brought on stage, such an innovative concept. One tends to wonder how this brilliant plot could have been adapted for a theatrical production, through the course of the entire play.

Thiyagarajan (Thyagu), an unmarried sexagenarian, is a straight-forward bank inspection officer in Dhanushkoti. An asthma patient, he has a close friend Sambunathan (Sambu), who stays just two houses away to help him in need.

The play begins on a rainy evening, while Sambu waits for Thyagu to come back home from work. It gathers momentum when Madhavan, who is found guilty of cheating during Thyagu’s recent inspection, comes to the latter’s house and threatens him.The play shifts to the next gear, when a couple, who elopes from Chennai to get married in Dhanushkoti, enters the scene.

While other characters come and go, there is one character who makes its presence felt throughout — the rain. The rains find a permanent fixture in this play. Water actually pours down on the stage and nobody has ever attempted this before (special effects by Balachandar).

The setting of the house reflected the 1960s — with old ceiling fans, rotary dial phone and HAM radio contributing to the authenticity (Art direction by Mohanbabu).

Every actor in the play deserves to be lauded. TD Sunderrajan as Thyagu, Kaathadi Ramamurthy as Sambunathan, Preethi as Saratha, Kousic as Venugopal and the others, who made their presence felt with their minor roles, have contributed much to this production.

The story lost momentum, for a short while in between.

However, the climax stole the show. A tsunami strikes the town destroying evil. It was a stunning visual and cast a magical spell, making the audience go “Wow!”

  1. jayakumar
    November 1, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Interestingly different type of attempt; it seems so; but will it survive in this period of potato couches and high energy screening of Enthiran like films.

  2. kudanthi mali
    November 2, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Fantastic production,Sintilating action,Good performence, a new type of stage craft seen and enjoyed in the drama dhanushkodi. written and directed by vivek shankar

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