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Shraddha’s Second Venture – “Doosra” (The story of Cricket)

After a very successful launch of “Shraddha” with their maiden venture, “Dhanushkoti” by K. Vivekshankar during October 2010, here comes the second venture of Shraddha in the form of “Doosra” (the story of Cricket) by Anand Raghav.

The Group – SHRADDHA

SHRADDHA was launched by a diverse group of Tamil stage lovers, patrons, dramatists, veterans and authors, with the objective of bringing a paradigm shift in Tamil theatre. The focus is to give an entire new experience to stage lovers as well as the younger generation. Shraddha wishes to stage one quality play every quarter with a unique theme and high production values.
Shraddha does not stick to any particular author or artists. Shraddha plans to provide necessary platform to teams which have innovative ideas; engage professionals for application of advanced technology in stagecraft.

Another project visualized by Shraddha is to train current generation through workshops in the various aspects of ‘Drama’. Shraddha is keen to give equal importance to visual effects in Tamil plays by using high-tech stage craft.

Against this backdrop, the first venture of Shraddha was a period play entitled “ Dhanushkoti” by K. Vivekshankar, staged in October 2010.. This play tried to project the happenings in the evening of the fateful 22nd December 1964 when the entire township of Dhanushkoti was wiped out by storm and torrential downpour. By staging this play using modern technology, Shraddha took the first firm step towards the goal of giving importance to production aspects.

Doosra ( The story of Cricket) will be their second production that will be staged between 25th Jan and 28th Jan 201, daily at 7.00 pm at Narada Gana Sabha Hall, Alwarpet, Chennai.

Synopsis and Author’s profile:

Synopsis of Doosra

Doosra’s protagonist is the Game of Cricket itself. The ubiquitous scene of children playing on the street side is the opener for the play. The Game is born there among the kids who play with passion with a dream of representing the country one day. The changes in the game are depicted through the life of an innocent 20 year old lad who gets selected to represent the country. The young cricketer’s metamorphosis driven by the forces of power, politics, money and pressure is essayed in the 2 hour play which , through its various characters, illustrates the changing phase of the game which over the years has grown from a sport to a mere commercial venture.

A father who still believes in the values of the game, an obsessed fan with a love and hate attitude, a Captain who is victimized for losing against Pakistan, an NRI businessman who represents the darker side of the game, a Politician who patronizes the game for money, a fond mother who tries to win back his son, a cricketer friend who always sees the funnier side of the game are few other character through whom Doosra depicts the changing face of Cricket. The play ends with the Street side cricket and a strong commentary that the Game, with all its innocence and nuances, thrives only on the street side.

Delhi Ganesh, the notable film and TV personality, returns to the stage as a cricketer father who rues the loss of innocence in his son and the game. Kathadi Ramamurthy plays the BCCI President which will one of the high lights of the play. TV artist Yuvashree, Baljai, Girish, Swami Ganesan , Alexander Babu, Geetha Jayaraman, Mahdu, Balu form rest of the Cast.

Doosra, with a very good balance of heart warming scenes , humour and powerful dialogues will captivate the audience. It will have contemporary base and those who understand the intricacies of game of cricket will appreciate it even better.

Playwright/ Director’s Profile

Anand Raghav, has made significant contributions in Short stories, Stage plays and research articles on History and Culture. A regular writer for “Ananda Vikatan”, he writes in all other leading Tamil Magazines like Kalki, Amudhasurabi, Kalaimagal, Vadakku Vaasal , Oonjal and Soorya Kathir.

Anand raghav has published over 50 short stories so far. He has won the” story of the month” prize by the prestigious “ Illakkiya Sinthanai” three times and he has won the “Vikatan Muthirai Kathai” prize 4 times. He has also won six prizes in various short story competitions in Chennai. Two of his stories have also been translated in Telugu.

He has published two books – The first , a collection of his short stories and the second, titled “ Ramakien” is a comparative study of Indian Ramayanas with the Thai and other South East Asian Ramayanas. He is currently working on the third book, a research work, on the Hindu and Indian influence on the History and Culture of South East Asian countries.

He has also written several short plays and three full length plays. After “ Sruti Bedham “ and “ Thanimi “ which he wrote for Krea Creations U.S.A, Doosra” would be his third play staged in Chennai.

  1. Prof T.K.Srinivasan
    January 17, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Thank You for this mail.We are sure this venture of Shraddha will be as interesting as your brilliant “Dhanushkoti” & prove equally successful

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