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Hindi play review, “Phandi”

The right choice?


The audience were kept wondering about mercy killing.

A question of life Scene from ‘Phandi’.

My Theatre Café, conducted a weekend theatre festival at the Potti Sreeramlu University auditorium. Udaan Performing Arts presented Phandi a two act play, in Hindiwhich is written by Shankar Sesh and directed by Saurabh Gharipurkar.

Phandi, a truck driver has an aged father who is suffering from cancer and is in his last stages of life. Unable to treat him due to poverty and being unable to watch him suffer, the son decides to kill him by strangulating him. Faced with death penalty, he waits for his turn to go to the gallows at the jail. A young unsuccessful lawyer takes up the case to defend the accused. His argues by projecting the case as mercy killing to the court. The play highlighted the lives poor people suffering in the hands of money lenders and the lack of medical facility at rural areas and there by throwing light on the need of mercy killing.

The play with a good dialogues had its humorous side too. Phandi played by Krishna Shukla touched the hearts of the audience. Though Krishna performed well, he looked too young for the character. Naren Yadav played the lawyer and performaned well. Devassesh as warden was composed and was apt for the role. Krishna and Naren Yadav exchanged and enacted all the roles of witness, defense lawyer, public prosecutor roles apart from their respective characters.

The arguments and cross examinations for and against the accused and finally the verdict whether the accused be pardoned for mercy killing was left to the audience to ponder over.

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