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L.V. Memorial Day dramas at Tiruchi

Mixing social and spiritual messages

Syed Muthahar Saqaf

A scene from the play “Kasikku pona Ganapathy” orgnaised by RR Sabha in Tiruchi.

Drama In connection with the L. V. Memorial Day, Rasika Ranjana Sabha, Tiruchi, presented two plays.

The Rasika Ranjana Sabha, Tiruchi, staged two plays at its FGN Hall in connection with the L. V. Memorial Day recently.

The Navabharath Theatre of veteran artist Koothapiran, presented a social play, ‘Kasikku Pona Ganapathy’ on the inaugural day. It was directed by N. Rathinam, Koothapiran’s son.

The main character, Ganapathi Iyer (Koothapiran), often quarrels with his foster son Chinna Kannan (Rathinam) for being naïve and innocent. All effort to change him are in vain. A dejected Chinna Kannan leaves for Kasi. There, the circumstances favour him. Chinna Kannan rescues the pontiff of a religious mutt in Kasi from the fury of floods, while a large number of devotees remain silent spectators.

The entire holy town and the residents of the mutt, begin to revere him as a courageous saviour. Chinna Kannan is given the noble assignments of managing the mutt and looking after the welfare of the people visiting it. Later Chinna Kannan becomes the head of the mutt and is christened ‘Viswanatha Sharmaji.’

Touching climax

At this time, Ganapathi Iyer and his wife Thangam (Chithra Anantharaman), decide to visit Kasi. On reaching the mutt, they are pleasantly surprised to see Chinna Kannan and amazed by the respect he commands. They plead with him to return home with them. Chinna Kannan’s polite refusal and his explanations are touching sequences that form the climax of the play.

He tells his foster parents that the mutt and its administrators believe in him and depend on him. So to him, fulfilling their expectations is more important than returning home. He points out that their lack of faith in him forced him to leave them However, he requests them to stay with him so that he can look after them. The visibly moved couple agrees to do so. Bagyalakshmi (a foreign woman in the drama), Ramkumar (Kalkanu Mama), N. Ganesan (Sivanmalai), John Selvaraj, a BSNL employee (Kasi Mutt manager), lent able support, which showed how well they understood their roles.

Earlier Koothapiran was felicitated by George, an executive member of the Rasika Ranjana Sabha, with a shawl. In his speech, Koothapiran appreciated the effort of R.R. Sabha in the promotion of theatre and other cultural activities and added that he enjoyed staging his play at the Sabha.

A social and spiritual play, ‘Rama Vijayam,’ of the Chennai-based Railpriya Drama Troupe of Ananthu, was presented the next day. Ananthu played the main character and showed how God can help the believer during crises. The dialogue was simple and informal, but effective.


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