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Bombay Chanakya’s Topical Play, “TRP”

Brief Chat with Writer-Director Bombay Chanakya by K. Vivekshankar


Writer-Director, Bombay Chanakya who has created a very big impact in Tamil Mainstream theatre as well as Television  with his “Irandaam Chanakyan”  is inaugurating his new play, “T.R.P” on Wednesday, the 12th October 2011 for Kartik Fine Arts at Narada Gana Sabha Hall, Alwarpet, Chennai, followed by another show for Narada Gana Sabha on 13th October 2011 (7.00 pm).

Vivek:  You seem to be rocking!!!!…Within the short span of 6months, 3 stageplays!!!!! Hattrick?

Chanakya: (Smiles)  Actually, I am making up for the time that I lost…. In fact after a sabbatical of six years, I came out with my “Sannidhanam” (5th March 2011), followed by “Madras to Chennai” (28th May 2011) and now “T.R.P” (12th October 2011).

Vivek: The title, TRP (Television Rating Points) suggests something about Media Industry….?

Chanakya: YES!!!!.  Television has invaded and became an integral part of every family today.  TV has impacted people and society at large in a big way.

Vivek: What has really prompted you to do a play on Media Industry

Chanakya: Simple… I have been in the Media Industry for quite a long time and that  experience would come handy while I discuss a subject revolving around my own Industry.

Vivek: We have seen lots of powerful plays from you in the past….Will TRP also find a place in that long list?

Chanakya: This question has to be answered by the audience.  It is for them to judge and add this also to that list….(laughs)…. I have been trying to weave my plays around topical issues, relevant and strong themes….TRP is also a topical issue today and am sure the audience would be able to relate it very much.

Vivek: What’s new that we can expect from Chanakya this time with TRP?

Chanakya: (laughs)…The play itself is new and being inaugurated on 12th…!!!!!…. Well,  the backdrop (sets) design and pattern  would be new, atleast  something not seen very often!!!!!!

Vivek: That kindles my interest and I would be there on the inaugural day!!! Congrats and Best Wishes for highest TRP!!!!! (Theatre Review Points)

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