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Mammootty on Stageplay

Mamootty takes on to stage drama as Bhima

Krishnamachari Srikkanth, CNN-IBN

Thrissur: Malayalam superstars are turning to stage drama. Earlier it was Mohan Lal, and after him it is Mamootty’s turn to go on stage.

A dash of make up, the costume, a false beard and Mammootty is transformed to a star of Mahabharat. Bhim.

“I had always wished to do the role of Bhima. So when this opportunity came I just grabbed it,” says Mamootty.

Mammotty is playing the ancient hero in Bhimam,  a stage adaptation of Jnanpith awardee MT Vasudevan Nair’s famous play Randam Oozham.

“I see MT Vasudevan Nair as my guru. So it’s a proud moment for me to be a part of this project,” Mammootty adds.

But what makes the play unique, is that Mammotty is not just playing Bhim but myriad other characters too like Arjun, Karna and Yudhistir.

“Here its more challenging since I had to do four different roles simultaneously all before the audience. Anyways I enjoyed it,” he further states.

Interestingly Mammooty is not the first Malayalam superstar to bring Bhim and Karna to life on stage. His rival Mohanlal has already made a name for himself playing the roles in Chayamukhi and Karnabhaaram.

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