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Sanjana Kapoor to quit Prithvi Theatre


Sanjana Kapoor during The Hindu Lit for Life festival, in New Delhi, on September 25, 2011.


Sanjana Kapoor, whose name has been synonymous with the Prithvi Theatre, the Mecca of experimental theatre in Mumbai, is planning to move on.

Kapoor now wants to focus on her new organisation, ’Junoon’

The Prithvi Theatre Company was set up by Kapoor and her brother Kunal in 1993. It was named after their grandfather, actor-director Prithviraj Kapoor.

PT hosts summer-time theatre programmes, workshops, plays, theatre festivals, etc.

But Kapoor now plans to quit its directorship. “Next year will see some exciting changes in my life, with the birth of new organisation, Junoon,” she said in a statement here.

“To focus on Junoon and give my family time, I need to step back from my involvement at Prithvi Theatre…. this decision was taken in consideration with my brother Kunal.”

From April 1, 2012, Kapoor would cease to be the director of Prithvi Theatre.

“Kunal shall be the new person for any ideas and decision to be taken for Prithvi Theatre.”

At Junoon, the statement said, Kapoor intends to replicate the work done by Prithvi. It will take plays from around the country to smaller towns.

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