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Marathi Play, “Jaag”

Plight of a homemaker



A scene from the play


Marathi play ‘Jaag’ focussed on the life and struggles of a middle class homemaker.

How a woman from a middle class society struggles for survival in the day-to-day affairs of her life to keep the system running formed the part of the Marathi play Jaag presented by Rangadhara theatre group at LaMakaan.

Based on the original Italian writers, Dario Fo and Franca Rame this play has been translated by Maya Pandit into Marathi.

Set as a monologue, it has a character showing her plight in adjusting to the daily chores of managing the household, her husband who works for a multinational company and does not bother about household matters, taking care of their child and also working as a tailor in a garment shop to meet the needs of her family. In the process, she gets so worked up and forgets that the day is Sunday and she begins her hectic activity after waking up from bed to get ready to go to her garment shop. She gets the child ready for crèche and searches the whole place for the main door key which she inadvertently slipped in to her husband’s pocket. Later, she realises that it is her day and off goes back to bed for a well deserved rest.

Vaishali Kelkar as the lady of the house gave a good performance and kept the audience engaged. The play had its own space for humour, but it had a clear message on the woman’s plight in middle class families.

Prakash Phadnis who directed the play kept in mind the space and filled the stage with appropriate sets. The lighting was apt and was designed by Anant Kulkarni supported by Parag Sathe. Music was provided by Laxman Sapre.

A good play once again by Rangadhara group with overall supervision by Bhasker Shewalker.


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