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Tiruchi Drama Artistes’ Association anniversary play

Realistic portrayal



 Family entertainer: Poi Muganal


Drama ‘Poi Mugangal,’ is all about how money plays a vital role in a relationship.

Armed with a dramatic beginning, firm dialogue delivery and some realistic acting ‘Poi Mugangal,’ the play staged at the sixth anniversary of the Tiruchi Drama Artists’ Association, tackles issues faced by a changing middle class family.

Written by Tiruchi George and directed by Mohammad Masthan, the story revolves round the protagonist, Viji, whose dreams, to lead a luxurious life, and attitudes are at loggerheads with the conventional sentiments of her husband, Chandru (V.P.C. Sekar) and her family.

Disappointed over her husband’s inability in making her dreams come true, Viji decides to walk out on him. So, she fights with him over a trivial issue and leaves him. She narrates her own version of what transpired between Chandru and herself, to her father and brother, and stays back at her father’s house.

Meandering script

The script meanders through some lengthy sequences where Chandru is repeatedly insulted by Viji, who enjoys her newfound freedom. Her father Ambalam (Srirangam N. Kannan) attributes her behaviour to a motherless upbringing. But her brother Babu (Mohammad Masthan), counters the unreasonable demands made by Viji and the tolerance lavished on her by Ambalam and Chandru. Her father-in-law, Ranganathan (G. Radha), also tries to change her attitude but in vain.

Making things worse, Viji’s cousin Natraj (R. Senthil), who had left the town long ago returns as a successful businessman. Viji, who longs for a luxurious life, gets caught in a vortex, after seeing Natraj leading a carefree life.

In their subsequent meetings, Viji gets overtly friendly with Natraj that is misunderstood by others as her shifting affections. To top it all, Natraj advises her to throw her marriage to the winds and come along with him. Chandru complicates things by agreeing to issue a divorce if that will make Viji happy. The predictable climax ends with Viji proclaiming her love for Chandru.

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