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Tweeting musical facts

Musicians and rasikas share space on twitter

If the Margahazhi music season is in, can twitter be far behind? Tweets keep pouring in about the music season steadily. Lining up facts about the season is Sanjay Subrahmanyan. He has 13 facts lined up about the Music season so far, mostly tongue-in-cheek. Some serious like this fact number 12:

“One of the earliest Sabhas in the city was the Madras Jubilee Gayan Samaj, founded in 1887. It had Prince Alfred, the Duke of Connaught and Queen Victoria’s second son as its patron-in-chief!”

On December 12, Sanjay shares reminiscences in a tweet link about how he used the Jaya TV concert to present Muthiah Bhagavatar as a serious composer deserving the limelight. “He is often portrayed as a maverick, who composed on odd and rare scales and ragas. It was interesting to study his compositions in detail and when doing so one realised that here is a composer who deserves to be put right up there with the best in the business,” tweeted Sanjay.

It’s interesting to see musicians and rasikas put up their tweets, for traditionally it has been only reviewers and journalists who had an opportunity to talk about concerts.

Twitter gives us a chance to see what musicians, rasikas, and others have to say. T.M. Krishna, not to be left behind, tweeted about srutimag’s tongue-in-cheek, wildly unrealistic forecast, with malice towards none article titled “Season 2020” by Ramnarayan. A lot of laughs . . . must read” tweeted Krishna linking this article. In one tweet Krishna talks about how the season becomes tough physically for musicians.

Predictably, these musicians put up their singing schedule everyday to let everyone know where they will be singing next. Sanjay even places a list of songs sung at a concert.

Android phone

A techie rasika put up this tweet in Clairvoyant TechnoSolutions about an app called “Music Season 2011” for the first time in the history of the Chennai Music Season, an app that will be a complete guide to the calendar of events of the music season on your Android phone.

Android phone users can search concerts by artist, sabhas, and dates. Users can also “share your experiences with your friends by associating images, audio and comments live as you watch a concert. For instance, if you are experiencing a great raga alapana of an artist, you can record the alapana, take a picture, add comments and share it with your friends immediately,” tweeted the creator of this app.

News Courtesy: The Hindu

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