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Shraddha’s next venutre, “Vadavooran”

Shraddha, the theatre people will be presenting their next venture, “Vadavooran” from 1st February to 4th February 2012.

A few hundred years before this day.

Meet vadavooran.
Chief Minister of the Pandya kingdom. Fearless warrior. Devoted husband.
Sincere father. Beloved friend, loved and revered by all.

Until, the day he met god.

He chose a life of transgression & ceased to judge.
And began an inward journey of no return through pain, torture and
suffering beyond imagination.

He went on to discover the ultimate and the ultimate truth to transcend his worldly being. It was the end of everything he knew or believed in. It was him and his faith versus the rest of the world.


It was the death of Vadhavoorar…
And the birth of Manickavasagar.

In the death of his perceived self, Thiruvasagam was born

For the first time in the history of Tamil Theatre.

Shraddha – The Theatre People


The epic tale of a man
whom God believed.

7.00 P.M. at Narathagana Sabha, 1st , 2nd, 3rd, & 4th FEB 2012
(Tickets available at hall on the respective show days)

Special Show – 3.45 P.M. at Narathagana Sabha, 4th FEB 2012
(For tickets call: 98404 50537, 98402 08583 )

Conceived & Directed by : G.Krishnamurthy

Written by : C.P.Aaryaan

Music by : R.Giridharan & Amudan

Set design and Special effects by : G.Ramesh

Executive Producers : Shivaji Chaturvedi & T.D. Sundararajan

On Stage
Swaminathan, A. Girish, Vijay Viswanathan, Tejaswini Vijay
Kavitha Sivakumar, J. Venkat Subramanian, G.Ramesh
Kathadi Ramamurthy, T. D. Sundararajan, Shivaji Chaturvedi, G. Krishnamurthy, Rajesh, Srinivasan.

Singers: R.Giridharan, Kavitha Sivakumar Dance choreography: S.Hemalatha, Kavith sivakumar & Vijay Viswanathan Theatre sessions: S.Hemalatha Animated shadow play: S.Karthikeyan Set Execution: Malikaarjun Rao Sound & Lights: Gopi, Modern stage crafts Make Up: Perambur Kumar

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