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World Theatre Day – Hyderabad scenario

World’s a stage indeed


A scene from the play ‘Ms.Meena’

Hyderabad theatre groups aren’t letting World Theatre Day go by without focussing on their passion, writes Prabalika M. Borah

While elsewhere in the country (read Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata) theatre is a much accepted way of entertainment, Hyderabad is sluggish but showing a positive upward move.

As the entire theatre community celebrates 50th anniversary of the World Theatre Day, Hyderabad’s own theatre groups are also gearing up for the same. Not all of them might be staging plays and meets but they aren’t letting this special day go by without the mention of theatre.

Staging plays isn’t the only way to honour theatre, to take theatre forward and make it an interesting way of entertainment, city’s theatre community is aiming at broadening the target audience. Mohammad Ali Baig of Qadir Ali Baig Theatre foundation will be in an interactive session and theatre workshop at the National International Fashion Technology (NIFT) auditorium. Where the workshop will deal with costume design in theatre. “I will be sharing my experience of theatre revival in Hyderabad, and of global theatre in various countries. Instead of discussing theatre in regards to acting, scripts, etc I will be highlighting elements and significance of costume design and aesthetics in world theatre across genre and regions — from period theatre spectacles to contemporary modern theatre,” says Baig.

While some are ready with their plays to be staged, others had to give their production houses a break, “for want of place. Auditoriums aren’t available as everyone is doing something. We couldn’t concentrate on staging a play for the occasion as we are all rehearsing for a new format play we are doing in April.

The new format is about solo performances by actors where finally one actor would be crowned as ‘sabse bada dramebaaj,’ says Ratna Sekhar Reddy, actor and founder of Samahara Theatre Group. However, the group isn’t letting the day go by without dedicating it to what they love most—theatre. “We will all meet to discuss our work vis-à-vis last year. We want to improve our plays, our scripts and take theatre forward by marketing it as a product,” he adds.

Ram Mohan Holagundi’s theatre group — Nishumbita will celebrate by staging Eswar Allah Tero Naam at Lamakaan on Tuesday.

“The play is based on communal harmony. India has many epithets, like land of regions, land of many languages, etc., but the beauty of this land is marred by an un-washable black mark on its character, the virus of communal hatred. This worm has eaten into the Indian social fabric and has taken such deep roots that there is an imminent danger of a collapse in the system,” says Ram about the play.

Seema Azharuddin of Kartaal Productions is busy with two plays besides looking forward for her onscreen debut.

“I was invited to be at UNESCO’s theatre convention to commemorate 50th year of the World Theatre Day, where John Malkovich will be delivering his speech. Unfortunately I am busy working on my forthcoming plays—An evening with Shakespeare and Devdas with Madhuri Dixit,” says Seema.

Sutradhar celebrated World Theatre day, by staging The Refund, last weekend. “As the day falls on a working day we thought of celebrating it on a weekend,” says Vinay Verma

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