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Free Webcast of Cultural Programmes by Mudhra

Mudhra’s music network

Watching music or dance recitals, dramas and other programmes, pertaining to fine arts, is just one click away with Mudhra’s latest web launch.

Mudhra, Chennai, has been a pioneer in creating many novel concepts in music for the past two decades.

Some of them are the revival of long duration concerts as ‘four- hour concerts’ and short duration concerts as One Raga – One Kriti concerts, One tala concerts, tukkada concerts and many thematic concerts.

It has also introduced music appreciation programmes for the benefit of rasikas.

To keep rasikas informed about these happenings, Mudhra has also floated a monthly magazine named Samudhra.

With a view to embrace technology and reach performing arts to a larger spectrum of rasikas, Mudhra started webcasting live concerts, its National Conference and inaugurations for the past one year.

These were well received and rasikas all over the globe got the flavour of the programmes right in their homes, wherever they were.

For the rasika


In this fast paced life, rasikas commuting for concerts even within the city is becoming difficult and costly.

Understanding the need of art loving rasikas, Mudhra will be webcasting concerts, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, music appreciation programmes, dramas, dance and other interesting events on the internet every month.

Rasikas can watch programmes within the comfort of their home free of cost.

The first programme can be viewed at http://www.mudhra.org/tv or http://www.mudhratv.in on Apirl 1, 10 a.m.

For more details contact Mudhra Bhaskar (Ph: 9840072821)

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