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Shraddha’s next venture, “Vidhuran”

Shraddha presents mime

It is time for Shraddha to host its next play and this time the group is presenting something different. ‘Vidhuran,’ will be a mime show and the participants are college students. Both Sivaji Chaturvedi and T.D. Sundarrajan, members of Shraddha are excited about the effort. All plays of Shraddha have something different to offer – storm and rain in Dhanushkoti, cricket match in ‘Dhoosra’ and so on.

“Human body becomes the prop and the language here,” they say. “It is incredible, the way the young actors, all students of different engineering colleges from the city, use their limbs to create the effect,” they add. The play is about the unsung heroes of Mahabharata. The spotlight is on Vidhuran, known for his judgment and acumen for administration.

“You don’t miss the dialogue, such is their performance and timing. They become the throne, the palace, the river, the tunnel,etc.,” says Sivaji. “Watch out for the Arakku Maaligai scene,” chimes in TDS. Light (Kalai Ravi), they say, plays a crucial role. There is music but only instrumental.

There is a sutradhaar, who fills in the gaps. Vietnam Veedu Sundaram has written the script for these portions. It is learnt that Sundaram came up with the idea of mime play and wondered whether Shraddha would give the students a chance. A curtailed presentation was enough to convince the latter.

The show details are April 5, 6,7 and 8 at the Narada Gana Sabha, 7 p.m. The sponsoring sabhas are Karthik Fine Arts, Naradha Gana Sabha, Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha and Sri Brahma Gana Sabha.

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