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Stage Creation’s “PILLAYAR PIDIKKA” by S.L. Naanu – Hindu review

On choosing a bride
Suganthy Krishnamachari


A scene from `Pillayar Pidikka.

There was a time when prospective grooms laid down impossible conditions when it came to choosing a bride.

(A hilarious take on this was a play titled ‘Modi Masthan’ written by Visu in the Seventies, and later made into the film ‘Manal Kayiru.’) But now it is the girls who call the shots. Nothing wrong really, except when they lay down unfair conditions, as Nandini (Jayanthi), does in Stage Creations’s play, ‘Pillaiyar Pidikka…’, by S.L. Naanu.

The point about GenX not being interested in getting acquainted with the extended family had a ring of truth. And it is true that while Tamil has words for every relationship, GenX refers to all relatives above the age of 40 blandly as uncles or aunts. And gone are all those quaint words such as ‘athaan’ and ‘ammanji,’ which have yielded place to ‘cousin.’

Unfortunately, the play demanded more suspension of disbelief than one was capable of. And it could have used a liberal dose of humour.

One has seen better plays from Naanu.

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