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Shraddha’s new play “idiyudan koodiya anbu mazhai” by K. Balachander

Shraddha’s new play

shraddha kb play

Director K. Balachander and the cast and crew at rehearsals.

Theatre group Shraddha will be staging its 11th venture, ‘Idiyudan Koodiya Anbu Mazhai’ on August 23, 24, 25 and 26 at Narada Gana Sabha hall. The Tamil play will be staged under the auspices of Kartik Fine Arts, Narada Gana Sabha, Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha and Brahma Gana Sabha, respectively.

The story and concept are by director K. Balachander, while T D Sundararajan has directed it. Vivek Rajagopal has written the dialogue.

The play, a comedy laced with emotions, tracks a turbulent yet beautiful relationship between two youngsters, Sandhya and Santhosh.

Both of them carry their own emotional baggage and battle their disappointments in life. An accidental meeting between the two leads to a relationship through which they attempt to find ‘happiness.’

Shraddha is introducing new talents in this play. The cast includes Kathadi Ramamurthy, ‘SBI’ Murali, Rohan Iyer, Arun, Karthik Bhatt, Shalini, Archana, Akshaya and Hemalatha Swaminathan. The executive producers are Shivaji Chathurvedi and Prema Sadasivam.

For details, contact Shivaji Chathurvedi at 98402 08583.

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