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Introducing Nadhimoolam’s Crew

We have introduced the cast of Nadhimoolam play, the people who face the audience but a lot of their success depends on the crew that sits behind the screen.  Stage plays are performed within a specified area allotted as a stage.  Since the inception of Tamil drama, we have seen magic being weaved on the stage. The vacant space on the stage transforms into a place of action and the set plays one of the important role in the play. Dramatization is incomplete without background music and it is the MUSIC that adds tempo to the proceedings. The same goes with lights and each scene is carefully crafted to bring the best to the rasikas.  We cannot complete the crew description without the mention of  make up technician who works in tandem with the play to quickly change artiste attire and looks in such a short time. And finally, the writer and the director, the person who sees the big picture and works to take all the efforts of the artiste and crew to the audience with his personalized touch.  He is the man who shoulders the responsibility of ensuring that the play is taken to culmination and eventually recognized by one and all.

Not only the artiste but the crew are professionals too and whatever we discussed about the artiste is true for them also. If it is rehearsal in one place for the artiste, it is highly demanding work in studio and workshop for the crew.

We are proud to introduce our crew in this play K.Vivekshankar’s Nadhimoolam.

R.Giridharan (Musician) –  Chartered Accountant by profession, he breathes music. He has worked so intense to give this play his original music score.

Mohan Babu (Art Director) – A source of  support to Prayatna, he has involved himself in various facets of our play execution since our inception.

Chetta Ravi  (Lighting) –  A sincere hardworker, he has infused enthusiasm in the scenes of Praytna’s plays with his magical skill in lighting.

Perambur Kumar (Makeup ) – A calm and composed person, he can be trusted upon for any disguise a play demands with utmost ease and comfort.

Subbu (Music Execution) – He joins Prayatna for the first time in this play though he has been our wellwisher.

K. Vivekshankar ( Writer, Director)  – Founder of Prayatna with an innovative sense,  different approach and believes in the immense capability of theatre.

K.Vivekshankar's Nadhimoolam

Chetta Ravi Manages lights for K.Vivekshankar’s Nadhimoolam

K.Vivekshankar's Nadhimoolam

Subbu executes music for K.Vivekshankar’s Nadhimoolam

 K.Vivekshankar's Nadhimoolam

Mohan babu creates the set for K.Vivekshankar’s Nadhimoolam

K.Vivekshankar's Nadhimoolam

R.Giridharan contributes his original music score for K.Vivekshankar’s Nadhimoolam

K..Vivekshankar's Nadhimoolam

K.Vivekshankar, Writer and Director of  Nadhimoolam

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