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Nadhimoolam Play Review By J.R. Devendranath

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Nadhimoolam – drama – A layman’s opinion

A drama based on reincarnation and karma interspersed with lighter moments got off initially with a bang by Ashok (Madhu) and after many twists concluded that the best way of punishing Gopi (Girish) for his misdemeanor is not by killing him but allow him to live and undergo the ordeal of rebirth in the last scene with killing effect. This reminded me that of late some of the learned judges instead of sending the accused to the gallows they hand out life imprisonment till his natural death.

The director has shown human frailties at its best especially when it relates to the ladies in the character of PremaSadasivam. Though she is practicing psychiatrist she gives in an rather enjoys when Ashwin praises her sartorial taste and elegance. Likewise Ashok who suffers from insomnia advises his brother meticulously to the last detail of DOs and DON’Ts before he leaves for office. But I could not understand why Jothi was not astonished and dumbfounded when her father said that she was adopted by him. This could have been avoided if Jothi was made to go through the manuscripts of her fathers autobiography (சுயசரிதை as he says) while he was doing “Dyanam”. This could have been narrated by way of soliloquy by Jothi.

Finally when Gopi asks the artist (Madhu) who is ‘Nadhi’ which has been written in the sketches drawn by him the explanation given was very pleasing.

Let the Nadhi becomes perennial and bring forth good and lively dramas in the days to come. My honest appreciation for all the stage actors and behind the scene actors who have performed very well and there was never a dull moment.

– J.R.Devendranath

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