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Introducing Cast and Crew of K.Vivekshankar’s ID – Summer Drama Festival Kartik Fine Arts 2015

We are proud to introduce our cast and crew for our forthcoming play, K.Vivekshankar’s ‘ID’ being inaugurated as a part of Summer Drama Festival  conducted by Kartik Fine Arts on April 29th 2015 at Narada Gana Sabha at 7.00 PM.

Our Cast

TD Sundararajan – As an actor with great versatility and immense experience, he is a great source of strength to Prayatna

Prema Sadasivam –  A regular face in our plays, she takes a different role  in this play. Her role in the development of Prayatna is noteworthy.

Nithya – A dynamic personality and a driving force, she jumps into the bandwagon of Prayatna with this play



Girish – A pillar of strength with his wholesome contribution in all the plays staged by Prayatna.

Madhu – A dedicated and sincere artiste with a passion for Tamil theatre, takes an important role in this play.

Suraj –  Energetic and enthusiastic youngster interested in taking challenging roles, dons the Black hat in this play



Introducing for the first time in Tamil Mainstream Theatre, 5 new talents. We are proud to introduce them to you here.

Deepika – a VisCom graduate, she is a  fast learner and a natural actor.

Ganesh –  a thorough professional interested in exploring  theatre acting

Mithun – a sincere youngster willing to go that extra mile to learn things




Vetri – a service provider passionate about acting in films gets into theatre to hone his skills

Arun – a hardware Engineer by profession gets associated  with us to learn more about theatre acting

IMG_20150425_162848 IMG_20150425_162830

We are proud to introduce our crew in this play K.Vivekshankar’s ID.

R.Giridharan (Musician) –  Chartered Accountant by profession, he breathes music. He has worked so intense to give this play his original music score.

Mohan Babu (Art Director) – A source of  support to Prayatna, he has involved himself in various facets of our play execution since our inception.

Chetta Ravi  (Lighting) –  A sincere hardworker, he has infused enthusiasm in the scenes of Praytna’s plays with his magical skill in lighting.

Perambur Kumar (Makeup ) – A calm and composed person, he can be trusted upon for any disguise a play demands with utmost ease and comfort.

K. Vivekshankar ( Writer, Director)  – Founder of Prayatna with an innovative sense,  different approach and believes in the immense capability of theatre.

K.Vivekshankar's Nadhimoolam

Chetta Ravi

 K.Vivekshankar's ID

Mohan Babu

K.Vivekshankar's ID

R. Giridharan



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