About Me


I am K. Vivekshankar, a passionate Tamil Playwright providing purposeful entertainment in the Tamil Mainstream theatre since 1996. So far written and directed 14 Stage Plays and associated with more than 9 Television Serials as Script and Screenplay Writer. I own a Theatre Group called “PRAYATNA”.

My passion for Theatre has compelled me to start this blog which will primarily strive to reach out and make people aware of the happenings in the Tamil Drama circuit. My attempts are not going to be restricted only to update news about stage shows but also to clear the misconceptions advertently or inadvertently pushed into people minds about Tamil Theater.

Please watch out for random ramblings, focused discussions, unbiased reviews, voice and concern of stage experts, veterans as well as enthusiastic young talents on Tamil stage plays as well as on Television serials. Discussion zone and reaction towards attempts to undermine stage efforts are expected to be hot!

I look forward to your wholesome and hearty participation.

Thank you.

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