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My Short Play Karma

I am staging my Short Play on 23rd Aug 2014 at 6 PM at MFAC as a part of Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha Drama Festival

Please make it convenient to be there at 5.45 PM.



Tamil Drama Festival at Madurai

July 12, 2012 1 comment

A veritable treat


Achchu Asal

From sentiment, mythology to comedy, the navarasas were showcased by each troupe during the Nandana Navarasa Nadaga Vizha, held at Madurai.

The Nandana Navarasa Nadaga Vizha, organised by Sri Satguru Sangeetha Samajam in association with Tamil Medai Nadaga Thayarippalargal Sangam, Chennai, offered a bouquet of nine popular plays, representing ‘navarasa,’ to the Madurai audience recently.

The curtain raiser, Kathadi Ramamurthy’s ‘Neenga Yaar Pakkam?’ written by S.L. Naanu, attempted to reflect the dilemma faced by lonely parents, whose children have chosen to get settled in the U.S.

While some enjoy travelling abroad frequently and getting a taste of sophistication and affluence associated with the country, and some others long for a chance to visit foreign lands at least once in their lives, Ramamurthy showcased the small group of people who refuse to leave their home land just to visit their children in foreign countries, even if they want their parents there.

Excellent team work

Tremendous effort and team work by the artists of Tamilarasan Theatres contributed to the success of the mythological, ‘Sri Narasimhar,’ written by K.P. Arivanandham. The child actor, who played Prahlada, was perfect for the role, because he was able to bring on stage the precocity of the young devotee, with his clear loud voice, proper pronunciation of classical Tamil and rhythmic intonation. Hiranyakashipu acted flamboyantly and dramatically, although he appeared to be a little young for that role.

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Theatre Festival at Bangalore

Festival dedicated to legendary theatre artistes


The coming week holds a special treat for theatre enthusiasts, with ‘Amoda’, a four-day theatre festival, being organised in the city from July 9.

The festival, being organised by a troupe called Panchamukhi Natara Samuha (PNS), will feature plays from five theatre troupes — Kalashikhara, Ranga Vishesha, Sambhrama, Siri Sambhrama and PNS — on various themes.

“‘Amoda’ means celebration of an event, and we decided upon this name as we feel that this festival is a way for us to celebrate theatre in our own style,” said president of the PNS, Madhusudhan Kanekal.

Variety of events

The festival will showcase plays from each of the participating teams and will also include a seminar — ‘Kannada theatre’s response to the present cultural and political scenario’ — street plays, poetry rendition and story-reading sessions to honour legendary artistes such as Habib Tanvir, Safdar Hashmi, Badal Sircar, M.P. Prakash, C.G. Krishnaswamy, and Gudigeri Basavaraj.

On all days of the festival, there will be a photography exhibition by Lokesh, Murali Mohan Kati and Kantaraju, and the theatre teams.

“The festival is dedicated to such great personalities,” Mr. Kanekal said.“Sometimes, the competition among the groups becomes very intense, but we should not forget the true spirit of theatre,” he said. The five troupes were coming together to demonstrate and uphold a united spirit, he added.

New talent

The participating troupes are relatively young, and have tried to make a mark in the field of theatre.

The members of the troupes believe that theatre is not just about following the old techniques that have been present for generations, but also about encouraging new talent that can bring in innovations in the field.

Social message

PNS was formed in 2006 and has competed in various State- and national-level competitions. While the themes of its plays are varied, its intention is to convey a social message through all of them.

The team’s speciality is that many of its members are multifaceted. Several actors also handle other aspects of the stage such as lighting, set design, choreography and music.

“I believe that it is not just the actors but even other members of the team, including backstage members, who make a successful team,” said Mr. Kanekal.

The venue for all the performances is the Ravindra Kalakshetra. Entry is free. For details, call 9916733461 or 9916733463.

Nandana Navarasa Nadaga Vizha at Madurai

Reviving the stage


A scene from ‘Neenga Yaarpakkam’ in the Nandana Navarasa Nataka Vizha

The nine-day Nandana Navarasa Nadaka Vizha has kept public interest in theatre movement alive

Madurai is not only the seat of Tamil learning but also a centre of Tamil drama. Not many would have forgotten the contributions of Sankaradas Swamigal and Nawab Rajamanickam Pillai to this art. Be it the spectacular historical and mythological plays or the topical social dramas, people flocked to the halls to watch them. Their interest in theatre gradually faded with the advent of film and then satellite television.

With the theatre festival now running, all of a sudden the city is buzzing. The Lakshmi Sundaram Hall, venue of the fete, witnessed a sizeable turnout and the hall reverberated with rapturous applause for the performers. The audience response has delighted the drama aficionados who were waiting for such an opportunity.

Some people in the city feel that we can cash in on this new found enthusiasm for drama and keep it active. Here are some of their suggestions to revive theatre art in the city.

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Fourth International Theatre Festival of Kerala

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Showcase: A smorgasbord of plays


Kreutzer Sonata from Lithuania.

Kalidasa, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Tolstoy, Tagore and Shogo Otto will vie for attention at the Fourth International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFoK).

It will serve up a smorgasbord of eight plays from abroad and 10 Indian productions. ‘ITFoK Reach Out With Indian Plays’, ancillary festivals at Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram, will showcase six dramas each.

Manganiars and “Malavikagnimitram” make great bedfellows on Day One at the main event. With its acts trimmed down from the original five to two, Kalidasa’s “Malavikagnimitram” (Sopanam Institute of Performing Arts, Kerala) will get a new interpretation by Kavalam Narayana Panicker after folk minstrels from Rajasthan work their magic.

A two-hour wordless portrayal of loneliness awaits in Sankar Venkiteswaran’s “Water Station” (Theatre Roots and Wings, Kerala). Pino Di Budo’s ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea’ (Theatre Potlach, Italy), inspired by Jules Verne’s novel of the same title, artistically combines narrative techniques of theatre and digital scenography.

Maria Nemirovskey’s “Odysseus Chaoticu” (ISH Theatre, Israel) is a celebration of physical theatre, clowning and mime, founded on mythological themes and archetypal characters. Pawel Szkotak’s ‘Carmen Funebre’ (Teatro Buiro Pedrozy, Poland) has been inspired by the pity of war in Bosnia and other ethnic conflicts. As preparation, the artistes and technicians interacted with refugees from former Yugoslavia.

Deepan Sivaraman delivers an intensely physical, visually rich and ritualistically structured adaptation of “Peer Gynt” (Oxygen Theatre

Company), Ibsen’s five-act play. “Imagining O” (University of Kent, U.K.), Richard Schechner’s site-specific production blends the stories of Shakespeare’s Ophelia and Pauline Pozdnyshev, the main character in Saulius Varnas’ adaptation of Tolstoy’s novella, Kreutzer Sonata (Juozas Militinis Drama Theatre, Lithuania), argues that the root cause for all the events that made him murder his wife are ‘animal excesses’ and ‘swinish connection’ governing the relation between the sexes.

During a train ride, Pozdnyshev overhears a conversation related to marriage, divorce and love. When a woman argues that marriage should not be arranged but based on true love, he asks, “What is love?”

International Theatre Festival of Kerala: February 1-8, Thrissur. ITFoK Reach Out With Indian Plays: February 2-7 at Thiruvananthapuram; February 3-8 at Kozhikode.

Bottomline: An eclectic mix from India and abroad

Hamsadhwani’s 22nd Annual Music and Drama Festival

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Hamsadhwani will be presenting their 22nd Annual Music and Drama Festival commencing from 14th January 2012 at Youth Hostel, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.

As part of this festival Hamsadhwani presents a “Drama Festival” which is dedicated to Veteran Theatre Personality,  Shri. T.K. Shanmugam on his Birth Centenary Year.

The Drama Festival schedule is as follows:

Day Date Time Event 
Sunday 22/01/2012 6.45 pm
Dummies Drama  presents -Shyamalam by Sreevathson
Monday 23/01/2012 6.45 pm Sowmya presents T.V.Radhakrishnan in Karuppu Aadugal
Tuesday 24/01/2012 6.45 pm Chennai Navabharath presents Koothapiran’sKasikku Pona Ganapathy
Wednesday 25/01/2012 6.45 pm Mother Creations C.V.ChandraMohan  presents  Swaasam 
Thursday 26/01/2012 6.45 pm UAA presents Y.Gee .Mahendra in Naadagam 
Friday 27/01/2012 6.45 pm Stage Creations presents Kathadi Ramamurthy in Neengale Sollunga
Saturday 28/01/2012 6.45 pm  Crazy Creations presents Crazy Mohan & Crazy Balaji in Chocolate Krishna
Sunday 29/01/2012 6.45 pm Natakapriya presents S.Ve.Shekar’s ALWHAA
Monday 30/01/2012 6.45 pm Kala Nilayam presents Yaar Paiyan

For details and Music Schedule, please click here

Drama Workshop for Students

January 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Hunting for talent


Students performing at the drama workshop

How a theatre workshop honed young talent

If we had a similar hunter as in this Chinese folklore drama performed by the students of TVS Schools, perhaps we could have averted the 2004 deadly tsunami that washed away tens of thousands of people. The thought strikes you inadvertently at the end of the gripping drama ‘Nalla Vettaikaran’.

The drama, which depicts activities in a forest, like saving of a bird from hungry foxes and donating of a magical stone that can translate the language of birds and animals, sent out a clear message: ‘We should learn and understand Nature in order to escape its wrath.’

The 45-minute drama ‘Nalla Vettaikaran’ is a Chinese folklore that narrates the story in three minutes. But, the team comprising Thulsidhar Kurup, workshop’s camp director and Raj Kumar, theatre master of TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School, after days of improvisation turned the story into a full-fledged drama that arrested the attention of children with colorful properties, animals, birds and magic. Besides, it also disseminates the message about living in tune with nature.

Thulsidhar Kurup, a student of National School of Drama and Bangalore Theatre Forum, says that when he narrated the verbal folklore immediately children started their scripting work besides penning dialogues and scenes.

The workshop also gave space for children to design their necessary props like dress, birds and animal masks, wings, trees etc.

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