Audition for Actors for Prayatna Stage


Prayatna Stage welcomes Male and Female Actors for Audition for their upcoming and subsequent stage plays:

Venue: Kartik Rajagopal Hall,2,Sringeri Mutt Road,
Chennai- 600028  ( opp to Mandaveli MRTS railway station,) Mandaveli

Time: 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Date: Sunday, the 15th March 2015

Minimum Age – 18 Years

No prior stage play acting experience required

In case you have stage experience, you are welcome too.

The candidates must speak Tamil fluently.

For any clarifications,  contact  Mr. K. Vivekshankar at 9841433965 or at

If you want to know more about us, check out “”.


Nadhimoolam Play Review By Mrs. Ravi Shanker

Wish to highlight somethings
The usage of stage was too good and meaningful.
Two parts of the story in two ends.
The part which brings them together in the middle.
Also quick change in scenes using light and dark
The story/plot became prominent as all other things were subdued: music, costumes, stage props(aesthetic)
Nothing overpowered the plot.
The effect of the flashback with shadow showing grill. You gave artists good scope for showing their talent without overcrowding scene and without loud dramatic back ground score
The suspense teasing the audience……
 you know…you don’t know….you think you know… you wonder who all knows ….and what all they know 
Oh my God!
Costume change very aesthetic
I was totally overwhelmed on the karma angle……CLASS ENDING.
I had goosebumps. SUPER! SUPER! SUPER!
—- Mrs.  Ravi Shanker
A Theater Lover

Nadhimoolam Review by Geethmalika Theater Troupe

February 27, 2015 Leave a comment

Namaskaram I have seen your new play ‘ NADHIMOOLAM’ on inauguration. Thanks for your kind invitation. Nadhimoolam a well knit subject, very neat presentation and well performed play on stage … Congratulations.

Smt. Prema Sadasivam as a Psychiatrist Doctor and Sri. Sivaji Chadurvedi as a retired Police Officer remarkably lived in their roles. I have seen their acting in Sri. Kathadi Ramamurthy’s plays several years ago but even at this age, they both threw a challenge to the present generation of artists by their matured performance. So much dedication, involvement and sincerity … WHAO HATS OFF TO THE VETERANS . Please convey my wishes to them.

GIRISH A real backbone of your play. His personality voice culture, gesture, delivery of dialogues … superb Girish

MADHU As an artist, engineer, mentally disturbed man has clearly shown the difference in acting both normal/abnormal perfectly. well done MADHU.

HARINI KRISHNA: as Jothi has done justification to her role

NARENDRAKUMAR: AS Aswin has also done well.

Scene sets Lighting and makeup a pleasure to watch on stage.

Music by Giridharan has proved again, that he could give noiseless but useful musical effects for the success of the play…… Keep it up Giri

Dear Vivek, this play is one more feather on your cap


—  Rajaram

Nadhimoolam Review by Satish Chandrasekaran

February 27, 2015 Leave a comment
At the outset I should certainly say that this is one of the most interestingly plotted plays given the limited space and time in relation to stage play is concerned. At the end I was really surprised that 2 artists were introduced for the first time in stage. Their acting was so proficient that it was hard to believe this fact and I personally feel that the credit goes to the director who has brought about the best from a novice. AS far as the philosophical part of ‘every person answerable to his guilt’ and ending with a note that ‘there could be no greater punishment than one being made answerable to himself for one’s actions’, I feel that this is a tough subject matter remaining untouched by any writers till date- to my limited knowledge and belief. Though writers have found it tough to portray philosophy(pertaining to conscience and guilt), religious beliefs(relating to rebirth) and truth(relating to admittance of crime) the same has been deftly handled in a proficient manner.
—- Satish Chandrasekaran

Nadhimoolam Play Review by Sakthi

February 27, 2015 Leave a comment

தான் வரையும் படங்களில் தன் பெயரைக் குறிப்பிட ‘நதிsakthi’ என்று எழுதும் அஷோக்கின் ‘மூலம்’ என்ன என்று விவரிக்கும் கதை!…

சமீப காலங்களில் பேயும் பிசாசும் திரைப் படங்களைப் பிடித்துக் கொண்டிருப்பதைப் பார்த்து நீங்களும் ‘காற்றுள்ள போதே… அதாவது மக்களின் ஆர்வ ஆதரவு இருக்கும் போதே… தூற்றிக் கொண்டுள்ளீர்கள் !…பாராட்டுக்கள்!..

வித்தியாசமான கதை!.. எதிர்பாராத முடிவு!..  அதாவது நான் எதிர்பாராத முடிவு!… மிக அருமை!..

நடிப்பை பொறுத்தவரை கோபகுமாராக நடித்த கிரீஷ் சாந்தமாக மிக அருமையாக நடித்திருந்தார்.

அஷோக்காக நடித்த மதுவும் நன்றாகவே நடித்திருந்தார்.  ஆனாலும் கதை மொத்தமும் கோபகுமாரைச் சுற்றி நகர்வதால் மதுவுக்கு வாய்ப்பு சற்று குறைவு!…

நடிப்பு, செட், லைட் எல்லாமே நன்றாகவே இருந்தது!..

எனக்கு ஒரு சிறு சந்தேகம்… ஒரு சிறு குழந்தை, தான் அடிபட்ட நிலையில் பார்க்கும் ஒருவரை, அதுவும் தன்னை ஆஸ்பத்திரியில் சேர்த்துக் காப்பாற்ற முயற்சித்தது நினைவில் உள்ளபோது, அவர்தான் தன் தந்தையை ஏமாற்றியவர் என்றும் கொலை செய்தவர் என்று (அது எப்படி குழந்தைக்கு தெரிந்தது?) ஞாபகம் வைத்துக் கொண்டு பழிவாங்கத் துடிக்குமா?..

மற்றபடி வேறு எதுவும் குறைகள் தெரியவில்லை !…

— சக்தி

எழும்பூர், சென்னை-7

Nadhimoolam Play Review by The Hindu

February 26, 2015 1 comment

When conscience pricks




scene from Nadhimoolam. Photo: M. Vedhan


Lighting scored a high at this play, Nadhimoolam. Photo: M. Vedhan

‘Nadhimoolam’ portrayed the agony of the protagonist.

A clear conscience is a soft pillow. Our conscience can make our lives miserable, by reminding us of our mistakes. The still small voice does not rest until atonement has been made. In the case of some, atonement isn’t enough. The guilt feeling drives them to actively seek death, for this is the only way they can be released from the nagging of their conscience.

Gopi (Girish) is a man, whose past haunts him so much, that reparation for past mistakes isn’t enough for him. He wants to end the torment by seeking death at the hands of those he has wronged. In Prayatna’s play ‘Nadhimoolam’ (story, dialogue, direction K. Vivekshankar), Gopi’s conscience appears to be the protagonist. The play takes us through the events of Gopi’s past in the form of his agonising memories, with an unexpected twist in the tale.

Psychiatry, fanciful ideas like incidents from a previous birth intruding into the present and philosophy were all thrown in, resulting in a hodgepodge effect. Why did the psychiatrist (Prema Sadasivam) keep standing all the time, when she talked to Ashwin? Being seated would have been more natural.

The sets were simple, but tastefully done. Each half of the stage served as a different house, with the portion in the middle serving as the psychiatrist’s clinic. Lighting (Chetta Ravi) was very effective, especially in the jail scene and when Gopi’s meditative posture was highlighted.

Jothi (Harini Krishna) is not only magnanimous, but practical too, when she says she is not angry with Gopi. He is the only father she has known, and she feels harking back to the past serves no purpose. While one can appreciate her ability to move beyond the cobwebs of the past, one fails to see how she could take a shocking revelation about her past with no reaction at all. She just sits there placidly, listening to Gopi, as he tells her the truth.

Except for this, Harini- a newcomer to the stage, did well, as did Narender Kumar, also a debutant. Girish gave a fine performance, with his body language and modulation in dialogue delivery.

The play ran to two hours. This was too long a duration for Gopi’s conscience to have its say, and to seek a solution.

Nadhimoolam Review By Subashchandran

February 24, 2015 Leave a comment

அன்புள்ள விவேக் சங்கர் அவர்களுக்கு,IMG_0572

வணக்கம். தங்களது படைப்பான நதிமூலம் நாடகம் பார்த்தேன். மிகவும் ரசித்தேன். முன் ஜென்ம கதை கோபி தன்னுடைய முன்கோபத்தால் தனது நண்பரை காரை ஏற்றி கொன்று விடுகிறார். அதுவும் முன்ஜென்மத்தில் பிராயத்சித்தமாக நண்பரின் பெண்குழந்தையை தத்து எடுத்து வளர்க்கிறார். இந்த ஜென்ம்த்தில் தான் செய்த கொலையை வளர்ப்பு மகளிடம் கூற அவள் அதனை பெரிதாக எடுத்தக்கொள்ளவில்லை. அவனுக்கு என்ன தண்டனை கிடைத்தது என்பதை விளக்கும் விதமாக பிற்பகுதி விளக்குகிறது.

நகைச்சுவை துணுக்கு இல்லாமல் சீராக செல்கிறது. பெண்ணாக நடித்தவருக்கு 35வயது என்று சொல்வது நம்பும்படியாக இல்லை. அவர் நடிப்பில் ஒரு துடிப்பு தெரிகிறது. பிரேமா சதாசிவம் ,சிவாஜி சதுர்வேதி இயல்பாக நடித்துள்ளார்கள்.

கதை திரைக்கதை வசனம் தயாரிப்பு உங்கள் கைவண்ணத்தில் அருமை. அசோக், கோபி பாத்திரத்தில் நடித்தவர்கள் அருமை. உனக்கு தண்டனை கொடுக்காமல் சும்மா விடுவதே உனக்கு மிக பெரிய தண்டனை என்ற முடிவு அருமையிலும் அருமை.